General Information

1. What is ASEAN Digital Library (ADL)?

The ASEAN Digital Library (ADL) is a regional project that aggregates and connects the digitised resources of National Libraries in the ASEAN region so that these repositories can be accessed through a single search facility.

The collection focus is on digitised materials (such as books, manuscripts, maps, drawings, paintings, photographs, newspapers, research papers, audio and video recordings) about the ASEAN region.

ADL is a project led by the National Library Board of Singapore (NLB), with support from the ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information (COCI).

2. What does ADL hope to achieve?

Our aim is to share online library resources by aggregating and connecting the digital content in the region and hence facilitates research on the region by providing a one-stop portal for researchers.

3. Who are the content partners of ADL?

Ten National Libraries from ASEAN are participants in the ADL project as content partners. They are:

National Library of Brunei
National Library of Cambodia
National Library of Indonesia
National Library of Laos
National Library of Malaysia
National Library of Myanmar
National Library of Philippines
National Library of Singapore
National Library of Thailand
National Library of Vietnam

Content Partners

4. How does a content partner contribute to ADL?

Content partners need to ensure they have all the relevant rights or permissions to contribute the metadata records to ADL. The metadata must not contain or install viruses and malware, and do not violate the privacy or rights of 3rd parties or are unlawful in any way.

When contributing metadata to ADL, content partners grant the NLB a non-exclusive and royalty free license to harvest, copy, cache and otherwise store the metadata and to publish the metadata in whole or part on ADL and in web feeds, email notifications and other data feed services.

5. How do I become a content partner?

If you have digitised ASEAN related collections that are available online and are able to fulfil the obligations outline in Point 4, please email us at enquiry@nlb.gov.sg and indicate your interest to become a content partner of ADL. We will follow-up with you to find out more about your digitised collections and share with you in greater details the terms of agreement for content partners.


6. How do I search for articles, pictures, manuscripts in ADL?

You can do a keyword search or browse the content by the country of origin. The search results can be filtered by these criteria – country, type and language.

7. Which browser does the site work best in?

Chrome (version 54 and above), Internet Explorer (version 11 and above) and Firefox (version 52 and above) are our preferred browsers at this moment.

8. Can I reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute ADL content?

Please refer to the Terms of Use on access and use of content in ADL. You would need to approach the content partners of ADL directly for permission to use their content.

9. Why are the links to the content partner’s materials and website not working?

This could be due to site maintenance that is currently taking place at the content partner’s websites. You may wish to try accessing the links at a later time.

10. Why is it stated as “No Image Available” for certain items?

This is because certain digitised collections in ADL do not have thumbnail images. The availability of images may also be affected by the content partners’ websites undergoing maintenance.

11. Can I search ADL using languages other than English?

Yes, ADL accepts alpha-numeric searches.

12. Why isn’t there translation of content?

ADL currently aggregates metadata records contributed by the content partners. It will look into enhancing the content beyond aggregating metadata records in future.